To paraphrase the prophet Amos—I’m not a scholar, nor am I the daughter of a scholar….

I was a young Christian unsuccessfully trying to find my way through the Bible.  The “begats” and building the Tabernacle put roadblocks in my efforts every time.  I simply couldn’t understand how any of that related to me and my life as a Christian.

In the meantime, I attended tent meetings that lasted at least three weeks.  The fledgling church carried on its mission by meeting in my family’s living room.  When we outgrew our living room, we began meeting at the Strand Theatre in Millington, Tn.  Then we built a building.

Through all of this I was gathering some help in my studies, but I had a long way to go.  I married a year out of college and had three children under the age of four.  In my children’s classes, I assisted the teachers.  I drew stick figures and made copies with good, old smudgy carbon paper.   Then I moved up to telling the Bible story and quickly drawing stick figures, etc., on the blackboard.  (They were black then.)

While traveling one day, I stopped to worship at a church where a friend, Sparky Owen, was preaching.  Before services he had the youths sit up front and go through the fifteen periods of Bible history by memory. That blew my mind! It put things in perspective and in chronological order.  I could do something with that as it gave me a usable framework.  I couldn’t wait to start working on Bible class material!  For many years, Don Bassett broadened my studies even more.  I was so blessed to have him as a mentor for many, many years.  I still miss him.

All of this help I had been accumulating became the Bible Basics Class and I always did the material for it.  I could teach this, because I had been exactly where the students were. Although I usually taught 6th-7th graders, I also had a Bible Basics Class going either at the church building or in someone’s home.  To see that “I’ve got it!” look on a person’s face has just meant the world to me.

Since my years are galloping toward the finish line, a friend (with the same birthday) bewailed that our lives are in the fourth quarter.  I told her that I hated to be the one to tell her that we were not in the fourth quarter, we are in overtime.  Our warranties expired a few years ago.  Therefore, I am working on my Bucket List.  Reworking and upgrading my Bible materials and having them on this site where anyone can download any of them for free is my goal. More will keep being added.  A lot are tied up in a computer program I used several years ago and I’m blocked from getting to them.  So I’m dealing with hard copies I have found.  I confess my lessons help my own failings—focus and retention. Some of the material can be used as supplements, handouts, private study.  I’ve tried to stick with key points to give an overview of the topic at hand in hopes this will help you when you take a more detailed class.  If studying on your own, I suggest you begin with “Bible Basics” and then do Genesis and Acts.   Enjoy and even savor your Bible study!

                                                                                                                                            B’Lou Carter

A Very Special Thanks

When I began to think about a “Bucket List” I thought of  three things to be accomplished.  Number one was to go through an enormous collection of material for Bible classes I had developed over the years.  I wanted to upgrade them and make them available to anyone interested, free of charge. There was no way I could do this by myself, especially when I have a love-hate relationship with the computer.

The first people I thought of and contacted accepted the challenge without hesitation!   Larry and Maxine Snell could handle the computer projects, proofing and co-ordinate about anything else that would come along.  Mary Pickey joined me at home to sort through and file stacks of pages of class material.  We filled up about six large plastic crates. (Having gone through two big moves in three years you can imagine how everything was scattered!)

Since I have known them these are people who have always tirelessly  labored in the Lord’s vineyard and are more than willing to share with others.  I continue to be more than blessed to have them working with me.

 In love and gratitude,


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